Thursday, January 18, 2018

Movie Of The Week {The Commuter}.

On his way home after losing his job, insurance salesman (and ex-cop) Michael MacCauley (Neeson) unwisely accepts a bag of money to uncover the identity of someone on his regular commute. But as the train hurtles towards its final destination, Michael discovers there’s more at stake than he imagined.

Liam Neeson has a very particular set of skills, skills he has acquired over a very long career. Which other actor boasts a CV that includes a Star Wars, a Batman, three Narnias, Love Actually, a Lego Movie and an Oscar nomination, and packs enough box-office muscle to turn a turkey like Taken into a trilogy?

  • Between franchises, there have been peaks (The Grey, A Walk Among The Tombstones) and deep, deep troughs (Battleship, Taken 2 and 3), but if you liked Neeson in director Collet-Serra’s vertiginously high-concept thrillers Unknown (nobody recognises our Liam!), Non-Stop (there’s a killer on Liam’s plane!), and Run All Night (he's got a single night to save his son!), you’ll be pleased to hear that their fourth collaboration is their best yet. If you didn’t, you’ll know that’s damning with faint praise.

Neeson certainly has the chops to pull off a Hitchcockian thriller, so it’s a pity Collet-Serra doesn’t, because The Commuter gives them one hell of a plot – find the stranger on a train – coupled with an almost real-time race against the clock device Hitch would have straight up killed for. No, it doesn’t make a lick of sense – the logic bombs start exploding before the train leaves the station – but Neeson makes for an engaging everyman-in-peril, and is at his most relatable as the newly unemployed insurance salesman having a bad day take a turn for the worse.

Supporting cast-wise, it’s no Murder On The Orient Express, but it’s good to have Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson (who, after this and The A-Team, Liam really needs to stop trusting), Jonathan Banks, Sam Neill and Elizabeth McGovern along for the ride. En route, a succession of increasingly implausible plot twists ratchet up the tension, Neeson gets to throw some punches, Brian Mills-style (he’s ex-NYPD, remember), and by the time the train, and the film, go off the rails in spectacular fashion, you’ll probably be having too much fun to care.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Gracie Sitters Service {Your Best Stop For Baby Sitter Service}.

 Gracie's Sitters Services is a babysitting company that caters to the needs of parents, legal guardians or older siblings that needs a reliable and experienced person to watch over and protect their children in their absence. We also offer event planning services for children's events and vocational tutorials.

 Some Frequently Asked Questions:

•How Does Your Service Stand Out?

GSS Sitters genuinely care for the children, we are first aid certified and are very flexible as we know that no two child is the same. We choose sitters as close to the parent's location as possible in order for them to have closure knowing the sitters are quite close to them. Although we are sitters, we can also work like nannies for consecutive days at a time as agreed by the parents.
 Also for the kid's birthday plans, we usually make it themed (Frozen, Spiderman, Barbie etc) for more fun. You definitely won't regret hiring us - your neighborhood sitters, we are very affordable!

•What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Work?

Friday, December 15, 2017

Musical Face Of Dolapo Adufe's Blog Dr Philz.

Well if you are a strong follower of dolapo adufe's blog then this name shouldn't come strange to you at all, He is out with a new mind blowing, Glorifying worship song that will be on your lips and on your heart for a very very long time title YOUR NAME.
Your Name is a song deep from the Heart and gives you a sense of "I'm in awe of You God".This song will exalt you spiritually and birth miracles as you realise the power in the name of God.

Download, Listen and Share!

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About Dr Philz: